Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2000 Followers Giveaway from Diary of a Makeup Geek!

I've been wanting to try products from Charlotte Tilbury!  Have you?  If so, go here!

She has a lovely generous giveaway and a great blog!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Free Graze (snack) boxes!

Anybody want to try some free snacks?  Use this link (full disclosure, if I refer 3 people I get another free box)!  They look tasty (I'm saving mine for Thursday-Friday!).

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tom Ford, Burberry, MAC, LMdB, Addiction, Dior, Chantecaille, Nars, Guerlain, RBR for sale or swap

Still adding and working on uploading pictures.  My internet is on the fritz so I'm posting before I lose all the stuff I've already done!  UPDATED from last week!!  SOME PRICES LOWERED!

I have Feedback (over 600 tokens, 100% positive) on MUA, Fragrantica, and Specktra (over 60, 100% positive), and some here on LJ, under username kayley123.



**If you would like pictures or additional pictures of an item, please ask.

**If for some reason you cannot see the pictures here, I will be happy to email them to you.
**some photos available here:
**Prices somewhat negotiable. I may not accept, but then again, I might!  If you feel a price is too high, feel free to let me know (but please be polite!)
**Priority will be given to buyers who leave their PayPal information, I will hold for 24 hours after invoicing.
**I am in the USA!
**SHIPPING is NOT included in the prices below; add approximately $5.80 for Priority shipping, $3 for first-class (more for heavier items).
please ask for an estimated cost.  The United States Postal Service has raised prices for international shipping.  I will use FIRST-CLASS international shipping and I will keep my receipt as proof that I shipped, because there are no other economical options, since Priority mail STARTS at $36.50 or so, and Registered Mail costs an EXTRA $13, IN ADDITION TO the regular shipping cost. If you are okay with paying for Priority or Registered, I'm happy to use it.
**I WILL BE ADDING PAYPAL FEES unless you are okay with gifting payment.  For PayPal payments:  I use  to calculate the fees
**If you want to use another method of payment, please talk to me about it!

**Will swap for things from my MUA wishlist:  Especially Fragrances!

A little haggling ok, but please no lowballing.

I have for sale:
-Edward Bess BNIB Luxury Face Brush Makeup Brushes -- $35


-Almost-New, Satiate Amplified lipstick A33 (LE), swatched 1x--looks new until you look at the very tip which is swiped. basically 99% left. - $11
-*GONE* Lightly Ripe Lustre lipstick A58
-Captive (satin) A30 still smells like vanilla, BN NO BOX - $9

-SIB Hot Gossip Cremesheen A99 -- $8

slight rubbing on sides of inside; still 95% or more
can take picture

-BNIB Sophisto Lustre lipstick B80 (in A38 box) - $10

Let me know if you want pics of the BNIB lipsticks (since they're BNIB I didn't bother since you know what they look like, but I can provide pictures for proof that I have them if you would like).
SIB Addiction by Ayako Lip Gloss in 016 Metallic Kiss –used about 5x with separate disposable applicators.  –$17

-Le Metier de Beaute: Red Velvet Lip Creme Limited Edition  (top in picture) -- $30
swatched with separate disposable applicator 2x, no box
-Le Metier de Beaute: Framboise Lip Creme (bottom in picture) -- $20
I used a separate disposable applicator to try this 1x, NO BOX

-Chantecaille SIB LE Sunrise Lip Chic -- $30
swatched 1x, Limited Edition

-BNIB Dior Addict Lip Glow --$23
says "Color Awakening Lipbalm" on the front
says "Color Reviver Balm" on the top
Paper insert inside says "Color Reviver Balm"
Tube says "Color Reviver Balm"
BNIB, so I didn't take a pic, let me know if you want one!

Sleek True Colour Lipstick SIB Peaches & Cream 774 -- $5
3.5 g / 0.12 oz
used a few times; about 95%


-NARS BNIB Super Orgasm Blush -- $23
full size
No pic, since it's just BNIB but I can post one if you'd like!

MAC LNIB MSFs - $35 each, Pictures below
*SOLD*By Candlelight
-Perfect Topping

MAC Pearlizer Good as Gold, SIB, about 70% left --$10

-Jill Stuart LE Blush Blossom 101 Sensual Dahlia -- $27
Blush Blossom 101 Sensual Dahlia, Limited Edition
RIS without brush (usually comes with one)
Used 4-5x total


Burberry Midnight Brown eyeshadow -- $20
Case has a small defect--it opens and closes ok but sometimes one hinge comes out a bit and you have to push it back in--the magnet and hinge stay closed just fine though. I wouldn't carry it around with me though, just to be safe (it should ship fine with bubble wrap).

Hourglass Visionaire Duo in Dune -- $28
--lighter color is starting to form a dip but still 95% left,
--darker color barely used--has a few brush marks but barely --looks used, still 98% left
--still has plastic coverings for pans and mirror
--Still has mini brush, brush HAS been used by me (works great!)
--NOT in original box, in a box that is for a Prism duo

-Wet 'n' Wild BNIB Snow Sprite -- $5
BNIB Snow Sprite palette + pencil
LE Holiday collection 2011


-MAC: Pigment in Bright Fuchsia in LE Wonder Woman packaging, marked sample -- $12
has plastic insert; looks maybe used 2x maximum

-MAC: Softwashed pigment large samples (LE Asia Exclusive)
I have two sample jars
--1 is nearly full (about 85-90%) with very heavy residue, about 1 tsp -- $16
--1 is about half-full (to the lip) with very heavy residue, about 3/4 tsp. -- $12
The size of the sample jars is the same as the one shown in the picture above at the right.

-MAC:  Violet Pigment (New, smaller size) jar, 80% left -- $10

-Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in 06 Les Fumes palette -- $35
NO BOX, no velour pouch (I might have a spare one if you want one...)
all colors lightly swatched a few times
applicators are used
The compact itself has a lot of light wear/scratches.

-Rouge Bunny Rouge Unforgettable Oriole Eye Shadow — $17
used a few times but about half the “RR” imprint is clearly visible, and the other half is only partially visible No pics yet, just ask if you want to see!

-Chanel Shanghai Red Nail polish -- $17
Does NOT have the big black Chanel logo overcap:
Still full to above "Le Vernis" on front / "Attention: Eviter" on back, a bit below the lip/bevel top edge of bottle, 95% left?

-Skin Food Pedicure Pedi Sparkle 08 / #8 Cool Mint  (4th from left in the picture) -- $6
More like a teal color IMHO, swatched on paper and on nail a few times
-Pedicure Sparkles have a very sparkly/metallic finish (IMHO) and are really gorgeous
-These do not come with balls in them, I can put some in though
-Skin Food is an Asian brand. I got these from Singapore; however Skin Food expanded to the US last year and now has a few stores here.